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This loan is also fast and convenient. The terms are from two months to six months, with equal payments spread out over the course of the loan.

Options Available for Borrowers Without Good Credit

Building a good enough credit score after having some financial troubles. Just a couple of late or missed payments can cause a person's credit score to drop significantly and getting financing to help get back on track can be very difficult without a high score. This can make resolving a cash emergency challenging but not impossible. There are a couple of ways someone with poor credit can get the money they need.

Payday Loans

Short-term loans need to repaid within a brief amount of time but they are one of the best ways for someone with poor credit to get money quickly. By applying for payday loans with no credit check, borrowers don't need to worry about their past payment histories preventing them from getting cash in the present. Although a borrower's credit might not prevent them from getting a payday loan, it's important for them to make every payment on time to prevent further problems.

MoneyBoat UK offers online loans to help people solve immediate cash problems. People who need money quickly to pay an unexpected bill, fix their vehicle or make a home repair can get the cash they need quickly when they deal with an online direct lender. The requirements for this kind of loan are much different than those of traditional lenders. People who can't go into a bank and get approved for a loan may be able to easily qualify for at moneyboat as long as they have the income to support the payments.

Title Loans

Some people may be able to get the money they need quickly with a title loan. This type of loan uses a car's title as collateral. Borrowers get to continue using their car as long as they make the required payments. There is some risk involved in taking a title loan and they aren't for everyone. However, most people, regardless of their credit score, will be able to get a title loan as long as they own a vehicle.

The best UK loans go to people with good credit. This doesn't mean that those who have had credit problems in the past won't be able to get money when they need it. By applying for a payday loan or a title loan, a person without a high credit score can get money quickly. Repaying the loan on time may even have a positive impact on their credit score and make them eligible for lower-interest loans.